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Anticipated Absence Form
 “Pre-arranged Absence Forms” are used for students who know in advance that they will miss an extended number of days of school (example: family trip). The completed form should be returned to the office before leaving. We use this procedure to make sure parents, teachers and the office know when a student will be gone and where that student will be. Teachers and the student will communicate about the process for completing work missed while the student is absent.
Athletic and Activity Information Card
The athletic and activity card must be completely filled out and signed by the athlete and parent before participation in any athletic event.
Contest Travel Release
All participants in an activity scheduled away from school must travel to the event and return home from the event under school approved supervision. Exceptions to this rule are as follows:
● The parent/guardian must make prior approved arrangements with the coach/advisor in advance of the trip for the athlete to travel with them. Release forms are available from the main office and this form must be on file in the activities office the day before the event with a copy given to the coach.
● In case of a medical emergency or catastrophic event, if a parent/guardian is present at an out-of-town site, the parent/guardian may request the student to return with them. This request must be made in writing by the parent/guardian to the coach/advisor in charge

Facility Use Form
Field Trip Permission Slip
Media Permission Form

Medication Consent Form-English
Medication Consent Form-Spanish

Physical Form (English)
Physical forms must be signed by the parent and physician and returned to the office before a student can participate. A physical form must also be on file for the alternate year card to be accepted.
Physical Form (Spanish)
Work Permit Information
Student Insurance
Technology Use

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