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Homeless Student Program

The McKinney-Vento Assistance Act provides certain rights and protections for families
experiencing homelessness.

According to McKinney-Vento, anyone who lacks a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime
residence is homeless.

Homelessness includes anyone:


  • Living in an emergency shelter.

  • Abandoned in hospitals or in foster care.

  • Living in motels, hotels, trailer parks or campgrounds due to lack of alternative adequate

  • accommodations.

  • Living in cars, parks, public spaces, bus or train stations or similar settings.

  • “Doubled up” living with friends or family due to the loss of housing, economic hardship or a similar reason.

  • “Unaccompanied youth”, under the age of 18, living without a parent or guardian.

  • Migratory children living in these conditions.

Homeless children have the right to attend school where they live or continue school where they
became homeless, and receive transportation free. They have a right to receive free breakfast
and lunch programs and after-school tutoring with free transportation to those schools offering
these services. For further information, to make referrals or if you have questions regarding
services for families experiencing homelessness, please call

Marci Thiry, Director of Special
Services and Homeless Liaison

(920) 967-1429

McKinney Vento Student Services Procedure

Out-of-Home Student Services Procedure

Migratory Student Services Procedure


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