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Equity Department

Menasha Joint School District Equity Priority

"We believe if we create a safe, fair, trusting, and judgement-free atmosphere for AA/Black students and students who are Two or More Races, we will prevent the over-identification of students with disabilities who are AA/Black and Two or More Races, while increasing their achievement, attendance, graduation rates, and participation in advanced courses."

Equity Department Staff

Al John (chair), Equity Mentor:

Innocent Irenge, Newcomer and Refugee Support Specialist:

Elke Werner, Equity Mentor:

Nick Ivory, Equity Mentor:

Pascal Ishingwa, Paraprofessional:

Vanesa Muhoza, Paraprofessional:

Nathan Werley, District Supervisor of the CLC and Equity Coordinator:


MJSD Position Paper on Equity

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