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Special Services

Welcome to the Menasha Joint School District Special Services Department. Menasha takes pride in its special services department and its ability to meet the needs of each individual child. The special services team is made up of members from pupil services, special education and health services.

In the area of pupil services, we are fortunate to have social workers, psychologists and guidance counselors assisting in the development of student plans and programs. The social workers and psychologists interact with regular educators and special educators to ensure a quality program for each individual student. Guidance counselors actively meet the needs of students through developmental guidance lessons, peer mediation, group and individual counseling, academic scheduling, and transition services.
Our special education department has significantly changed over the last few years. While we maintain a continuum of services our primary emphasis is on inclusive practices. All of our individual building teams work to assist students and families through the IEP process to ensure that the student's needs are met in the least restrictive environment. The majority of our special education teachers deliver services in co-taught classrooms. This model allows students with disabilities (SWD) to receive the individualized instruction they need while maintaining access to the general education curriculum and their peers. As we program for SWD students ages 3-21 we work collaboratively with the child's family and community to ensure a complete program that meets the student's needs.
Our health services are provided by the City of Menasha's health department. The nurses provide nursing services to the schools. They are at the schools on a regular basis and are involved in immunization programs, vision and hearing screening, disease control, family consultation and IEP meetings.

If you would like further information about the Special Services Department please contact Marci Thiry, Director of Special Services, 920-967-1429 or


District At Risk Plan (August 2020)

Special Education Policy and Procedure (2020)

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