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Optional At-Home/Online Learning Resources

District Announcements                                             

6/4 11:00am
Food Service Update:
Menus in EnglishMenus in Spanish

6/1 1:00pm
Parent Communication 6/1 English, Parent Communication 6/1 Spanish
George Floyd Letter English, George Floyd Letter Spanish

5/27 11:00am
Parent Communication 5/27 English, Parent Communication 5/28 Spanish

5/18 2:00pm
Parent Communication 5/18 English, Parent Communication 5/18 Spanish

5/18 9:00am
Food Service Update:
Menus in EnglishMenus in Spanish

5/14 12:00pm
Parent Communication 5/14 English, Parent Communication 5/14 Spanish

5/11 12:00pm
Parent Communication 5/11 English, Parent Communication 5/11 Spanish

5/4 1:00pm
Parent Communication 5/4 English, Parent Communication 5/4 Spanish

5/4 9:00am
Food Service Update:
Menus in EnglishMenus in Spanish

4/28 7:00am
Grading and Feedback 4/28 English, Grading and Feedback 4/28 Spanish

4/27 12:00pm
Parent Communication 4-27 English, Parent Communication 4-27 Spanish

4/20 1:00pm
Parent Communication 4-20 English, Parent Communication 4-20 Spanish
Instruction Letter 4-20 English, Instruction Letter 4-20 Spanish

4/20 9:00am

Food Service Update:
Menus in EnglishMenus in Spanish

4/13  12:00pm
Parent Communication 4-13 English, Parent Communication 4-13 Spanish

4/13 9:00am

Food Service Update:

Menus in English, Menus in Spanish 

4/8 9:00am​
Boys and Girls club of the Fox Valley 


4/6 2:00pm
Parent Communication English, Parent Communication Spanish

4/6 9:30am

Food Service Update:

Starting on 4/10 the district will serve enough meals to cover Saturday and Sunday and will continue every Friday going forward.

Menus in English, Menus in Spanish 

4/1 9:30am

Food Service Update:

Updated Meal Flyer English, Updated Meal Flyer Spanish

MenusHeating instructions for meals

3/30 1:00pm
Monday Communication English, Monday Communication Spanish

3/30 10:00am
HopeCare Clinic English

3/30 9:00am
Parent resources during COVID-19 
The second is through United Way called the COVID-19 Economic Relief Fund where they can help with rent, bills, and food. Families would call this number: 211and they will link families to the United Way according to zip code.

3/27 2:00pm
Updated serving time 11:00am-12:30pm at Clovis Elementary, Maplewood Middle School, Menasha High School

3/25 11:00am
Coronavirus Video


3/23 2:15pm

Parent Letter English, Parent Letter Spanish


3/23 2:00pm

Boys and Girls Club Free Dinner Flyer English, Dinner Letter English, Dinner Letter Spanish


3/22 8:00pm

Updated serving time 11:00am-1:00pm

Meals For Time and Locations Menasha Students English, Meals For Times and Locations Menasha Students Spanish

Meals For Menasha Students EnglishMeals For Menasha Students Spanish 

3/18 8:00am

Student Services staff will continue to offer support during this time away from school. Please click on this MJSD Student/Family Support for information on how to contact them. In addition, the link also includes great information on emergency resources, mental health supports, as well as how to continue social/emotional learning and post-secondary planning. We wish you all peace and good health. Take care and let us know if we can support you. 

El personal de Servicios Estudiantiles continuará ofreciendo apoyo durante este periodo fuera de la escuela. Por favor haga clic en este enlace MJSD Student/Family Support para obtener información acerca de cómo ponerse en contacto. Adicionalmente, el enlace incluye también información valiosa sobre recursos de emergencia, apoyos acerca de la salud mental, también acerca de cómo continuar el aprendizaje social / emocional y la planificación postsecundaria. Les deseamos a todos ustedes paz y buena salud. Cuídense y háganos saber si podemos ayudarlo.  

Lub sijhawm cov menyaum tsis mus kawm ntawv, Cov nai khu uas pab menyuam tseem pab txhawb nqa lawv.  Yog koj xav nrog lawv tham, nyem lo lus no yuav qhia tus nai khu lub npe thiab xov tooj.  Txuas ntxiv mus, nws yuav muaj cov ntaub ntawv qhia nej txog kev paj thawm kev kub ntxov thiab yuav pab li cas yog nej tus menyuam muaj kev nyuaj siab.  Nws yuav muaj ntaub ntawv pab cov menyuam npaj kawm ntawv qib siab.  Cia siab tias sawv daws yuav noj kom noj zoo.  Yog koj muaj lus nug los sis kev txhawj xeeb txog ntawm koj tus tub los koj tus ntxhais, thov hu peb.   


3/17/20 9:30am
Instructional Plan  for Parents English(updated 3/18 4pm), Instructional Plan for Parents Spanish(updated 3/18 4pm)


3/17/20 7:30am
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we will be postponing our Spring Fling until a later date. More information to follow. 


3/17/20 7:00am
Student with Disabilities Letter English, Student with Disabilities Letter Spanish


3/15/20 2:30pm​
Pandemic Plan - Parent Letter English (English PDF), Pandemic Plan - Parent Letter Spanish


3/15/20 2:30pm
Meals For Menasha Students English, Meals For Menasha Students Spanish 


3/12/20 4pm
Parent Guardian Letter English, Parent Guardian Letter Spanish

3/3/20 1pm
City of Menasha Health Department press release regarding COVID-19 English, COVID-19 Spanish



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